Working at PalominoDB

Our Biggest Asset  Is Our People:

The PalominoDB team has decades of experience in the Internet, gaming, online retail and media industries.  Thanks to our talented staff, PalominoDB has a reputation for excellence in service, teamwork and proactive support.  Our clients are diverse, which offers challenging and exciting oppotunities to learn,  grow, and make a difference. Day to day life at PalominoDB is always exciting! 

Join our team and you will work with and learn from some of the industry's most talented and multi-faceted people. You will experience new technologies and architextures.  You will also enjoy the flexible lifestyle that comes with working remotely.

What do we offer at PalominoDB?

  • Competitive rates.  We hire quality and pay for quality.
  • The flexibility to work from your home, from a beach, or from the road.  Live your dreams.
  • The Netflix vacation model.  You don't accrue time off, you take what you need.  We treat you as an adult.
  • The chance to blog, research, write and present at conferences while being paid.  We encourage you to interact with our open-source communities.
  • Compensation towards equipment and phone usage.
  • A team of experienced peers to learn from and to share with.
  • Annual get-togethers with the rest of your team.
  • Support in your educational goals - constant education and growth is our goal.

We are currently seeking:

More About Working At PalominoDB:

DBAs are the champions and evangelists for specific clients.  This means that each DBA supports every client, but focuses on clients who are specifically assigned to them.  A client's primary DBA serves as its daily contact, team lead, strategist and advocate.  

Our DBAs work in our secure chat rooms with their PalominoDB team members, as well as  in various client side channels throughout the day.  Our goal is to make our clients feel like we are part of their in house-teams. 

PalominoDB encourages community support and activity.  We do so because we are grateful that we leverage so much work from our peers in the open-source world and we want to give back. We encourage our people to blog, to present at conferences, to write papers and to contribute to open source projects - and we pay them for doing so.

Finally, at PalominoDB we strive for work-life balance, and we expect team members to support each other to make this possible. All team members share on-call rotations, so we have team members in the US and Europe to ensure that everybody gets rest while on-call. We generally stick to a 40 hour work week, and up to two nights of evening implementations after 10 pm Pacific Standard Time.  Within this structure, DBAs can develop work-schedules that best fit their lifestyles.  PalominoDB support the Netflix model of paid time off and vacation, meaning we don't track accrual of hours. If DBAs participate,  support their teams, and manage their workloads, they can take the time they desire.  The well-being of our people is crucial! We can't stress this point enough.

Contact us for more details if you are interested in working for PalominoDB.

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